Sunday , October 13th 2019
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Family Matching Sleepwear,Crytech Comfy Cotton Cartoon Print Black White Plaid Pajamas Set Soft Long Sleeve Sleepshirts Checked Pants Parent Kids Child Nightgowns Pjs Collection (2X-Large, Dad)

Product Features:

    Size:70Size:70Recommended Age:2-3 YearsRecommended Age:2-3 YearsBust:58cm/22.83''Bust:58cm/22.83''Top Length:38cm/14.96'' Waist:58cm/22.83'' Pants Length:48cm/18.90''Pants Length:48cm/18.90'' Size:80Size:80Recommended Age:3-4 YearsRecommended Age:3-4 YearsBust:60cm/23.62''Bust:60cm/23.62''Top Length:40cm/15.75'' Waist:60cm/23.62'' Pants Length:50cm/19.69''Pants Length:50cm/19.69'' Size:90Size:90Recommended Age:4-5 YearsRecommended Age:4-5 YearsBust:62cm/24.41''Bust:62cm/24.41''Top Length:42cm/16.54'' Waist:62cm/24.41'' Pants Length:52cm/20.47''Pants Length:52cm/20.47'' Size:100Size:100Recommended Age:5-6 YearsRecommended Age:5-6 YearsBust:64cm/25.20''Bust:64cm/25.20''Top Length:44cm/17.32'' Waist:64cm/25.20'' Pants Length:56cm/22.05''Pants Length:56cm/22.05'' Size:110Size:110Recommended Age:6-7 YearsRecommended Age:6-7 YearsBust:68cm/26.77''Bust:68cm/26.77''Top Length:48cm/18.90''Pants Length:60cm/23.62'' Size:120Size:120Recommended Age:7-8…

Product Description

Size:70Size:70Recommended Age:2-3 YearsRecommended Age:2-3 YearsBust:58cm/22.83”Bust:58cm/22.83”Top Length:38cm/14.96” Waist:58cm/22.83” Pants Length:48cm/18.90”Pants Length:48cm/18.90”
Size:80Size:80Recommended Age:3-4 YearsRecommended Age:3-4 YearsBust:60cm/23.62”Bust:60cm/23.62”Top Length:40cm/15.75” Waist:60cm/23.62” Pants Length:50cm/19.69”Pants Length:50cm/19.69”
Size:90Size:90Recommended Age:4-5 YearsRecommended Age:4-5 YearsBust:62cm/24.41”Bust:62cm/24.41”Top Length:42cm/16.54” Waist:62cm/24.41” Pants Length:52cm/20.47”Pants Length:52cm/20.47”
Size:100Size:100Recommended Age:5-6 YearsRecommended Age:5-6 YearsBust:64cm/25.20”Bust:64cm/25.20”Top Length:44cm/17.32” Waist:64cm/25.20” Pants Length:56cm/22.05”Pants Length:56cm/22.05”
Size:110Size:110Recommended Age:6-7 YearsRecommended Age:6-7 YearsBust:68cm/26.77”Bust:68cm/26.77”Top Length:48cm/18.90”Pants Length:60cm/23.62”
Size:120Size:120Recommended Age:7-8 YearsRecommended Age:7-8 YearsBust:72cm/28.35”Bust:72cm/28.35”Top Length:52cm/20.47” Waist:72cm/28.35” Pants Length:64cm/25.20”Pants Length:64cm/25.20”
Size:SSize:SBust:108cm/42.52”Bust:108cm/42.52”Top Length:72cm/28.35”Top Length:72cm/28.35”Waist:68cm/26.77”Waist:68cm/26.77”Pants Length:106cm/41.73”Pants Length:106cm/41.73”
Size:MSize:MBust:112cm/44.09”Bust:112cm/44.09”Top Length:73cm/28.74”Top Length:73cm/28.74”Waist:72cm/28.35”Waist:72cm/28.35”Pants Length:107cm/42.13”Pants Length:107cm/42.13”
Size:LSize:LBust:116cm/45.67”Bust:116cm/45.67”Top Length:74cm/29.13”Top Length:74cm/29.13”Waist:76cm/29.92”Waist:76cm/29.92”Pants Length:108cm/42.52”Pants Length:108cm/42.52”
Size:XLSize:XLBust:120cm/47.24”Bust:120cm/47.24”Top Length:75cm/29.53”Top Length:75cm/29.53”Waist:80cm/31.50”Waist:80cm/31.50”Pants Length:109cm/42.91”Pants Length:109cm/42.91”

Product Features

  • ❤ Material – It is made of high quality materials,Soft hand feeling, no any harm to your baby’s skin.
  • ❤ A Great Tradition – Matching t shirt for the whole family make for great family photos each holiday season.
  • ❤ Styles for the Whole Family – Available in sizes for men, women, boys, girls, toddlers, they’re the best pajamas for every member of the fam!❤❤❤baby sleepwear boy girl unisex newborn 9-12months 3-6 12-18 18-24 mom and baby gowns for hospital newborn baby boy girl long sleeve floral infant sleepwear pajamas set pajamas set for boys kids short pjs baby summer cotton sleepwears baby boys girls pajama set kids toddler snug fit cotton sleepwear outfit for photoshoot boy children pajamas boys pjs
  • ❤ Perfect Gift – The perfect gift for couples. Great gift for Halloween Christmas Thanksgiving Day Valentine’s Day, Wedding gifts, Anniversary gifts, Mom & Dad gifts, His & Hers gifts!❤❤❤women pajama set plaid pj long sleeve sleepwear 2 piece lounge sets checkered plaid pajama set women short sleeve family matching sleepwear cotton striped pajama sets for vacation family matching pjs christmas halloween with baby with a toddler child set onesie nightwear christmas pjs for family with nightgown
  • ❤ family matching outfits mom dad and son family matching outfits winter family matching xmas pajamas sleepwear homewear set family matching xmas pajamas set family matching christmas sleepwear family matching christmas onsies christmas striped pajamas adult christmas striped pajamas infant christmas striped pajamas pants christmas striped pjs christmas elf pajamas for family elf family christmas pajamas set christmas family elf paj christmas pajamas for family christmas pajamas for women chris